Life On Trenches

  • Film Information
  • local_moviesTitle : Life On Trenches
  • date_rangeYear : 2018
  • chevron_right Format : FULL HD
  • movie Category : Environment Social
  • access_time Runtime : 23 min
  • perm_identity Director : Hojat Taheri
  • perm_identity Producer : Hojat Taheri

داستان فیلم Storyline

On the remaining embankments of the war, you still have to fight for your life.

Life On Trenches
Director Hojat Taheri
Producer Hojat Taheri
Cinematographer Hojat Taheri
Editor Hojat Taheri
awards movie Awards and Honors
Life On Trenches   Special Jury Prize    60th Youth Cinema Regional Festival 2018

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