Where; We Are Living

  • Film Information
  • local_moviesTitle : Where; We Are Living
  • date_rangeYear : 2011
  • chevron_right Format : DV576
  • movie Category : War
  • access_time Runtime : 45 min
  • perm_identity Director : Morteza Payeshenas
  • perm_identity Producer : Hosein Homayounfar

داستان فیلم Storyline

This film is about the war experience of a Lebanese-Israeli border village’s residents. The war which began with Israel’s invasion on the morning of July the 21st, 2006, under the pretext of releasing two Israeli’s soldiers captured by “Hezbollah Mojahidin (fighters)” and pervaded the entire Lebanon.

Where; We Are Living
Director Morteza Payeshenas
Producer Hosein Homayounfar
Reesercher Hosein Homayounfar
Cinematographer Morteza Payeshenas
Edotror Morteza Payeshenas
Sound Arash Ghasemi
awards movie Awards and Honors
Where; We Are Living Nominated for the Best Movie 5th Iran International Documentary Film Festival  (Cinema Verite) 2011
Where; We Are Living Nominated for The Best Movie Shahid Avini’s Third Grand Prize at Cinema Verite Film Festival 2011

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