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Green Is The Color

  • Film Information
  • local_moviesTitle : Green Is The Color
  • date_rangeYear : 2007
  • chevron_left Format : DVCAM
  • movie Category :
  • access_time Runtime : 24
  • perm_identity Director : Elham Asadi
  • perm_identity Producer : Elham Asadi, Ehsan Afsharian
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داستان فیلم Storyline

فهرست عوامل فیلم به انگلیسی
Researcher: Elham Asadi
Writer: Elham Asadi
Directore: Elham Asadi
Advisor to Director: Abbas Kiarostami
Producer: Ehsan Afsharian, Elham Asadi
Camera: Reza Mohammadi
Stage Assistant: Mahsa Asadi
Edit: Kamyar Minoukadeh
Sound Recording: Hamed Abedi
Production Manager: Mostafa Izadi
Composer: Sina Azin
فهرست افتخارات فیلم
فیلم برگزیده ورکشاب عباس کیارستمی سال 1386

Green Is The Color

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