The Ruins, Documentary series

  • Film Information
  • local_moviesTitle : The Ruins, Documentary series
  • date_rangeYear : 2007
  • chevron_right Format : DVCAM
  • movie Category : Social
  • access_time Runtime : 80 min
  • perm_identity Director : Mohammadhossein Jebelijavan
  • perm_identity Producer : Alireza Razazifar
  • perm_identity Produced in : Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting

داستان فیلم Storyline

This documentary deals with the topic of addiction and how different social classes get involved with it. Each part of the series deals with a group of people in the society, women, adolescents, men and educated people, each of whom has experienced addiction and its harms in a different way.

The Ruins, Documentary series
Director Mohammadhossein Jebelijavan
Producer Alireza Razazifar
Researcher Mohammadhossein Jebelijavan
Writer Mohammadhossein Jebelijavan
Cinematography Gholamreza Bloukat
Editor Mohammadhossein Jebelijavan

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