Unpermitted Songs

  • Film Information
  • local_moviesTitle : Unpermitted Songs
  • date_rangeYear : 2011
  • chevron_right Format : DV CAM
  • movie Category : Art & Culture Heritage
  • access_time Runtime : 38 min
  • perm_identity Director : Rezvan Sarmad
  • perm_identity Producer : Rezvan Sarmad

داستان فیلم Storyline

This film is a documentary in search of “Molouk”, a singer of Hamedani folk songs.

Unpermitted Songs
Director Rezvan Sarmad
Producer Rezvan Sarmad
Researcher Rezvan Sarmad
Cinematographer Vahid Alvandi Far
Editor Hosein Tavakoli


awards movie Awards and Honors
Official Selection 1st Ahvaz Scientific Festival 2014
Official Selection 8th National Festival and 4th Parvin Etesami Intl. Film Festival 2014
Official Selection 10st TMAGE Fest 2012

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