After graduating he directed nine documentaries for the Islamic Art and Material Culture of Iranian Shiism in 1996 and 1997. The subjects of these films included calico making, the art of glazing, enamel work, Islamic tile work and Islamic needle work. During this period he also directed three short videos during his military service called The Story of KhoramshahrMotherland and Stars. He has worked with Iranian film directors Kambozia PartoviMohsen Makhmalbaf and Afghan Filmmaker Siddiq Barmak.

In December 2012 This Is Not a Film was shortlisted as one of 15 films eligible for Best Documentary Feature at the 85th Academy Awards.


Mojtaba Mirtahmasb

Mirtahmasb was born in Kerman, Iran in 1971. From 1992 until 1995 he attended the University of Art “Mojtame’-e Daneshgahiyeh Honar” in Tehran, studying Visual Art and Handicrafts.

 He became interested in cinema in his teenage years and started his filmmaking education by joining the Youth Cinema Society of Tehran and editing some TV programs . He received his Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Tehran’s Shahid Rajaee University in 2013 . During these formative years, Khaleghi Manesh made Six Documentary and edited several TV shows and TV short documentaries for Iran’s National Broadcasting Corporation (IRIB) of which “Shokaran” is most noteworthy.


Milad Khaleghi Manesh

Milad Khaleghi Manesh is a Director, Writer,Film Editor and Chairman of Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association (IRDFA) Since 2019 who born in 1987 in Iran.

Iranian Documentry Filmmakers Associasion

The Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association (IRDFA) is the first directors’ guild in Iran to focus on documentary filmmakers. It was founded in January 1998

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