Farzad Jafari

Farzad Jafari refused continuing his education in civil engineering after six semesters in 1999 and due to his interest in cinema; he took free film directing courses at Soore University …

Morteza Payeshenas

Morteza Payeshenas was a student at Allamah Al-Hilli high school (An academy for gifted students), when the Ravayat-e Fath(Chronicles of Victory) Cinema Conservatory was …

Elham Asadi

Elham Asadi is a Filmmaker, photographer and researcher. She started her filmmaking carrier after attending Abbas Kiarostami’s film Workshop and making her first…

Milad Khaleghi Manesh

Milad Khaleghi Manesh is a Director, Writer,Film Editor and Chairman of Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association (IRDFA) Since 2019 who born in 1987 in Iran.

Iranian Documentry Filmmakers Associasion

The Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association (IRDFA) is the first directors’ guild in Iran to focus on documentary filmmakers. It was founded in January 1998

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