Association’s Vision statement draft has been published (Accompanied with movie)

August 4, 2021

Group meeting’s report of the Association’s vision statement (November 10, 2019)

This Important meeting, which focused on the perspective of the Documentary Filmmakers Association was held in “A” Café Gallery and began with Mahmoud Moghaddas Jafari’s speech, who was the group meeting’s responsible.


While Mr. Moghaddas Jafari explaining the reasons for the meeting’s delay, he announced the group meeting’s agenda as discussion and exchanging views on the Association’s vision statement draft and group meeting’s regulation. Of course, addressing the second issue was postponed to the future meetings due to the importance and prolonged period of discussion over the first subject.

Milad Khaleghi Manesh, Documentary Filmmakers Association’s Chairman of Board continued introducing the path, meanings and reasons for the formation of the vision statement’s components in the twelfth and thirteenth course of the Association’s board of directors in a PowerPoint presentation.

This PowerPoint file, which has been converted to a video file, can be seen in the following.

After Mr. Khaleghi Manesh explanations, the participants discussed and presented their suggestions and opinions about the Association’s vision statement.

The main suggestions and topics discussed at the meeting were as follows:

– Legal registration or at least applying to register the association is important and necessary.

– It is necessary to have constant communication with the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance managers in order to inform them about the association’s new approach.

– For more members’ participation, it is necessary to provide motivational and financial factors.

– In order to carry out the association’s activities, it is necessary to look for the audience and participants outside the members circle.

– It is better that the association’s activities be focused on more important and basic definitions and meanings without digression.

– The life and the methods of documentation and the people involved in the documentary profession in the provinces should not be neglected.

– There should be various programs to attract income and ways of financing.

The association’s years of neglecting audiences and documentary filmmakers and a superficial response to the basic needs of documentarians should not be continued.

– The potentials and features of the association’s website should be used for monetizing.

– The association programs should be handed over to the members as a project form and the association’s structures should be more adaptable.

– It should be known that the association has a startup character and is being in a trial and error status.

– Proper conditions should be provided so that members can use the facilities and credibility of the association as a facilitator, so that they can carry out projects with the association to improve the status of documentary cinema.

In the end, the board announced that the association’s door will be more open than ever to the members for the projects defined in the association’s new field of activities. Therefore, members who have a project or program related to the association’s field of activity, should not hesitate to use the credit and facilities of the Association.

Attendees at the meeting

Manouchehr Moshiri, Morteza Shameli, Pirooz Kalantari, Ebrahim Mokhtari, Raymond Havakmian, Jafar Jafari Olia, Shamim Mostaghimi, Mohammad Rasekhfar, Azadeh Saleimian, Khatereh Hanachi, Hamid Jafari, Milad Khaleghi Manesh, Katie Arsanjoon, Mohammad Sam Asadi, Morteza Payeh Shenas, Mahmoud Moghadas Jafari, Simin Fallahzadeh Tehrani, Lida Moeini, Allah Karam Rezaei and Orod Zand

Until the final vision statement is reached, the board of directors seeks views of members to upgrade and improve the document.

Association’s Vision statement draft has been published (Accompanied with movie)

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